Established in 1981, Farm to Freeze is a family run butchers business serving top quality, locally produced fresh and cooked meats and game.

Based in the rural community of Wooler, we provide meat to the general public across Northumberland.

The Redpath family have built up a strong reputation for supplying only the best produce from their premises on South Road, Wooler to customers across the county.

The main premises at South Road comprises impressive separate cooking facilities, where cooked meats and cooked meat products can be prepared in total isolation from the fresh meat and game. This has been carried out to the highest DEFRA/MLC standards using the HACCP system, which guarantees the safety of all meat, meat products and other foods that are prepared and sold at Farm to Freeze.

Furthermore all staff members are trained to maintain strict health, safety and hygiene rules. The staff at Farm to Freeze give the customer a personal friendly service, and every care is taken to ensure the customer leaves completely satisfied with their purchase.


Please ask a member of staff in you have any queries or special requirements.


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At Farm to Freeze we have a reputation in selling only the best locally sourced meat and game products through our retail premises on South Road in Wooler, Northumberland.

All our extensive range of products, from our delicious fresh and cooked meats to our sausages are supplied from local farms as much as possible. All beef sold is of Northumbrian origin.

Due to consumer demand for local produce, we are at the forefront of this demand working in partnership with Sandy Jeffrey Ltd , who use FABBL approved local farms.

All our meat is hung for at least 14 days before sale, all our beef is under 30 months old and non of the animals have been fed using artificial additives or hormones.

Farm to Freeze Retail have been approved by EBLEX, the English Beef and Lamb Executive. Their approval assures our customers that all beef can be traced to its source on the farm and that all safety standards have been met.


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As well as our fresh meat, we also sell home – cooked meat, cooked on site at our South Road premises. Boiled Ham, Roast Ham, Roast Beef and Roast Pork, available whole or by the slice.

Choose from our own recipe individual Scotch Pies, Sausage Rolls , Steak Pies and Mince Pies. Also Quiche pies made with local Doddington Cuddy’s Cave cheese.

Large Steak, mince and quiche are also available.